Loyal Martinez is a premiere instructor, DJ, and performer in the Pittsburgh dance world. As a native of New York City, Loyal started dancing at a young age. He immersed himself in the vibrant dance culture of NYC with break dancing and hip hop dancing. After moving to Pittsburgh 1997, Loyal started learning and teaching ballroom/latin dancing at a local franchise studio for several years before branching off to become an independent instructor. Loyal has now developed his dancing to become one of the most dynamic salsa/mambo dancers in the country. Traveling from city to city, Loyal has been trained by some of the top salsa/mambo coaches in the world. With a combination of his ballroom background, Loyal's teaching style is precise, technical, creative, and exhilarating. 

Loyal has competed in professional/amateur competitions with his students in different cities along the east coast. He has also performed on numerous occasions in dance show cases, charity events, socials, and dance festivals. Loyal is also a certified Zumba fitness instructor. Many of his routines encompass hip hop and latin components, providing a crossover opportunity for his students to feel his passion for dance. Paired with his untouchable energy, he creates a Zumba fitness experience that is not to be missed. 

Loyal combines a rock solid foundation in vastly different dance genres to create a unique style that is all his own, making him one of the most well rounded dancers to ever grace the streets of Pittsburgh. 


Ryan Mitchell was born and raised in the Shadyside area of Pittsburgh, PA. Ryan began his dancing journey at the age of 19 as an undergrad in Ann Arbor, MI. After falling in love with Latin dance and frequenting the social dance floor several nights a week, he was recruited by a local Pittsburgh franchised ballroom dance studio and further expanded his love for modern partner dancing.

Soon after, he became a freelance instructor...teaching, traveling, competing and performing with a number of students, teachers and professionals. In 2008, Ryan was one of the founding instructors at the Absolute Ballroom Dance Center of Pittsburgh. And in 2010, Ryan was the winner of the Dancing with the Celebrities of Pittsburgh competition with his partner Jennifer Antkowiak of KDKA Channel 2 News. Most recently, Ryan has studied and performed for the past year with the world renowned Masacote Dance Company of Boston, MA.

Today, Ryan is a full-time entrepreneurial Technology Consultant and Graphic/Web Designer at Consult Mitchell, helping local individuals, small busniesses and not-for-profit organizations build capacity and become more technology savvy.


Emily grew up in Pittsburgh, PA where she studied with the Pittsburgh Youth Ballet under Jean Gedeon. While dancing with Pittsburgh Youth Ballet, Emily also had opportunities to work with Point Park University and Pittsburgh Ballet Theater. After graduating, she moved to Jackson, MS to dance with Ballet Magnificat for 4 1/2 years. The company then sent her to live and teach ballet in India from 2012-2013. Since moving back to Pittsburgh, Emily has been teaching ballet, ballroom, and jazz at local studios.


Born in   Venezuela and raised in Pittsburgh, Sonia has loved dance since the moment she could walk. As an adult, her passion led her to use Latin rhythms and hip hop beats to get people moving and have fun while getting healthy. As an instructor  and co-director of performance groups, Sonia has helped many dancers learn new things and shed their inhibitions in order to shine  in the spotlight.